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4 Interior Design Styles and Paint Colors Trending

Color is one of the most important aspects when it comes to decorating a home. The right color scheme can turn your room into a hit or miss; the same goes with doors, windows, and furnishings. 

Your choices will make a big difference in how comfortable you feel, how fun and stylish your living space is.

Interior design trends continue to evolve, so there’s no longer a need to be stuck in the past when it comes to selecting your next colors.

4 Popular Interior Design Styles and Colors that go with them 

Traditional Style

The classical style is associated with elegance and virtue. It is a time-honored approach to decorating that conveys both luxury and class. In addition to providing contrast with the drabness of modern rooms, classical patterns also add warmth and interest by helping you find your way back to simplicity. 

Primary colors such as red, blue or yellow, and neutrals work well in a traditional setting. 

Modern Style

Modern-style homes are the perfect choice for people looking to simplify their home lives without sacrificing functionality. These homes utilize modern materials and features, such as straight lines and elements such as metal and glass.

This style favors neutral tones and clean lighting. 

Scandinavian Style

The appeal of the Scandinavian style is its ability to be used in any home. Paired with sleek interiors and textures to add dimension, large mirrors,  versatile landings and natural light, there are myriads of ways you can create the perfect interior for your home. 

This style is characterized by an all-white color scheme with gray undertones. 

Transitional Style

Interior design is an incredibly broad topic. When you mix two or more different styles, you create a  transitional style, usually characterized by traditional design with minimalist and contemporary touches favoring Off-whites and Natural hues.

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