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Sheetrock: 4 Common Problems

Sheetrock, or drywall, is a building material that comes in panels and is used as a substitute for concrete and wood walls. Regardless of how excellent the Sheetrock brand is, it will need repairs or replacements at some point. It’s safe to say that drywall should be repaired by professionals only; attempting to fix it on your own could result in more expensive damages.

If you live in Houston, here are some of the most common Sheetrock, or drywall, problems that require repair.


If your drywall is wet, it will compromise its structural integrity. When it is left wet over time, it can develop mold spores between the drywall and insulation. At this point, the damage isn’t visible. However, it can be causing more profound damage and will call for an entire replacement.


Termites are known to be attracted to the paper and glue that covers the Sheetrock panel. They will eat their way through the wall and will not only leave signs of their path but exit holes all over the drywall. If you suspect that maybe you have a termite problem in your Sheetrock, you must get in touch with professionals asap.

Physical Impact & Dented Corners

Dents on drywall are fairly common; whether you are moving furniture or your vacuum cleaner colliding with it, you’ll see the dent. At first, a dent or two can be overlooked; however, regular wear and tear will become more noticeable over the years. Getting Sheetrock repair will smoothen your walls again and will be looking as good as new.

Popping Nails

Another pervasive problem with drywall that requires repair is popping nails. When you start to see the small bulges on the Sheetrock, you will be tempted to hammer it down and fill it for a quick solution. However, this is just a temporary fix. For a more permanent fix, you’ll need the help of professionals. Don’t let this problem escalate.

Give Your Drywall a Fresh Look: Vey’s Painting & Refinishing

With over 30 years of experience at Vey’s Painting & Refinishing in Houston, we’ve seen it all. There is a wide range of factors that cause sheetrock damage, and we are equipped and ready to handle them. Please don’t attempt to fix your Sheetrock on your own; it is a meticulous process that takes time and a lot of effort. Let us get it done right quickly, effectively, and on the first try.


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