Find Sheetrock Repair Services in Houston, TX

We can fix your damaged Sheetrock

Sheetrock, a type of drywall, is damaged easily but difficult to repair if you're not a professional. Avoid patchy or bumpy walls by getting Sheetrock repair from Vey's Painting and Refinishing in Houston, TX. We'll cut out the damaged Sheetrock, patch the area, smooth down the new Sheetrock and apply a fresh coat of paint. You won't even be able to tell that there was damage.

Don't turn drywall repair into a DIY project. Call 713-864-2555 now to make an appointment with a member of our team.

Your walls will be blemish-free with our help

Make Vey's Painting and Refinishing your go-to company for Sheetrock repair services. With 30+ years of experience, you can rest assured that we'll do the job right. If your Sheetrock was damaged by...

  • Water
  • Termites
  • Physical impact

... we'll fix it in no time. Contact us today to schedule drywall repair services in Houston, TX.

Don't Paint Damaged Walls

We'll take care of your drywall repair in Houston, TX

A fresh coat of paint adds color and style to any space. However, you should never paint over damaged drywall. Repair your wall with help from Vey's Painting and Refinishing. We'll take care of the entire repair process so you won't have to worry. Our services are available in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Let's get started. Call now to schedule your Sheetrock repair.

Trust us with the start-to-finish process

Trust us with the start-to-finish process

A drywall repair requires special equipment and training. Vey's Painting and Refinishing will take care of your drywall repair as efficiently as possible.

When we visit your home, we will...

  • Assess the drywall damage and provide you with a quote.
  • Complete the Sheetrock repair to create a smooth surface.
  • Prime and paint the wall the color of your choice.

Ready to paint your kitchen? Want to add some color to your living room? Take care of your Sheetrock repair first by calling 713-864-2555 now.