3 Signs your Home Door Needs Refinishing

Doors are the first impression people get from your house. If they are dingy, weak, and stained, you have a problem. The same is true if you have neglected the maintenance of your front door. 

The first step in fixing this problem is determining if it’s time to receive some refinishing help. If you choose to hire door refinishing services, make sure whoever does the job has the needed experience and backed reputation to do the job.


The first thing to look at when fixing a door is damage. Are there chips, stains, scratches that distract from the original design? Do you see evidence of the door having been exposed to moisture, mold, or mildew? Then stop right there and have a real door refinishing done!

Removing mold and stains from wooden doors is not an easy task. It takes many coats of paint, and if you fail to dry the stains out after each coat, the wood will continue to crack and splinter underneath the surface varnish. 

Worn-out Wood

A door should not only be functional but elegant. Faded wood, scuffed paint, and peeling paint do not only ruin the charm of your home but can also reduce its value significantly over time.

But don’t worry! A door that appeared dull and worn-looking could be sparkling today with the right refinishing job. 


Are you noticing flaking paint and discoloration in the door that distracts from its original design?

There are many factors to consider, like the quality of your existing paint, the condition of your wood, and the age of the door. You want to make sure you select a refinisher with expertise in wood treatment and finish, so they can properly fix your door.

Looking For Door Refinishing Services In Houston, TX?

Vey’s Painting & Refinishing is an experienced and reliable company based in Houston, TX,  with more than 30 years of experience; a professional company that will carefully refinish your door to improve its durability and visual appeal at the best price. 


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