7 Effective Tips To Protect Your Kitchen Cabinets

Protect Your Investment

Kitchen cabinets are an important part of any kitchen. They’re functional, sturdy, and they look good. But all this beauty doesn’t come without care and attention. Kitchen cabinets can get damaged through wear and tear over time if you don’t properly maintain them. 

While it may seem that protecting your cabinets from unfortunate events is futile, there are some kitchen cabinet best practices to minimize any damage that could occur without having to resort to using armor plating! 

Here Are Some Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Damage Prevention:

1) Clean your kitchen cabinets regularly with a dry dishcloth or sponge and some sort of cleaning agent. After cooking, wipe off the cabinets with soapy water and a towel or all-purpose cleaner if you find any spots.

2) Keep an eye out for oil and food stains on your cabinets. Cooking with the vent open can assist in preventing stains. You might also give your cabinets a coat of polyurethane. 

3) Don’t slam cabinet doors; Even the most durable cabinets aren’t made to withstand daily abuse. By gently closing them and not reefing them open, you can extend the life of the cabinet hardware while also ensuring excellent door/drawer alignment for years to come. Keep the door hinges lubricated regularly.

4) Don’t overload the cabinet shelves because this will cause them not to work properly anymore, making them sag, which might crack the wood over time. 

5) Beware of water damage. Leaving moisture behind for too long can cause mold and wooden cabinets to warp or swell, which may lead to them becoming very difficult — if not impossible — to open or shut correctly.

6) Use vinyl floor tiles to cover the bottom cabinets. These are usually self-adhesive and simple to cut and install on your cabinets. You can use moisture-absorbing shelves in the upper cabinets’ liners.

7)Try shelf paper or liners for any spills that may occur inside your cabinets, particularly in the pantry and spice cabinets. Liners can be either sticky or textured to keep them from slipping. The latter is less long-lasting.

Your kitchen cabinets should look brand new for years to come if you take these preventative actions. Keeping your kitchen cabinets damage-free is much easier than you might think if you take the right steps.                                    

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