Best Colors To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets In 2022

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your kitchen and make it look new again, one of the best ways would be to paint the cabinets. There are some great colors out there that can give your kitchen a modern look while remaining classy and elegant. 

Painting kitchen cabinets is straightforward, but if not done correctly, it can damage the surface of cabinets, making them look dull even after painting them with a shiny finish coat. Experienced interior painters know how to match paint colors for kitchens to make your cabinetry attractive without spending hours getting it done perfectly. 

The first step here is understanding the color wheel to choose colors that complement each other well. If done correctly, the result will be cabinets that look fresh and new. So here are some kitchen painting ideas that can help you. 

Picking The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Kitchen

While there are endless options for decorating and designing your kitchen, one of the most practical aspects that should be considered is choosing good paint color schemes. Whether you’re looking for an elegant or rustic setting in your kitchen, it’s essential to understand what types of colors will work best in the space so that they don’t clash with its environment.

Choosing a suitable color scheme makes things beautiful and adds value to the property, especially when it comes time to sell. So choose wisely and always consider the feel of the room. When selecting paint colors, it’s crucial to consider how much natural light your space receives.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Tip

Pick a color you like and think will look good in the space. Get a test pot, paint a piece of paper, tape it to a cupboard, and live with it for a week or two, moving it around to see how it looks in different lights and parts of the room.

If this is your first time picking colors for kitchen cabinets, and you are not familiar with different shades, or just need advice on matching two particular hues together, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who knows what they’re doing, like an interior decorator or painting contractor company.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Ideas

It’s already well known that white paint looks fantastic on nearly every surface, including cabinets – it lightens up an area that often has dark wood tones dominating it. White also makes any room look more prominent because it reflects light, so this is another reason why it works so well with cabinets. 

A popular option is to mix it with dark gray, but the truth is white goes well with any color. White spaces are a timeless style that lets your furnishings be the star of the show. You can’t go wrong with white as a base color for your kitchen cabinetry. They never go out of style, just their tone changes.

If you’re looking for a more modern feel, then black may be what you’re after. Black fits nicely with just about any other color, so that it will work well with your choice of countertops. You can also use shiny black hardware, which makes it even more stunning.

A vibrant blue looks wonderful in a kitchen. It’s a nice color and doesn’t overwhelm the eyes when standing in space. A blue like this works well with white counters, making them stand out from the wall, adding depth and warmth.

Some Trending Colors For 2022 You May Want To Look At


  • Red, both flaming red and berry, is the new hue.
  • Deep jewel tones in a variety of colors
  • Darker coffee stains and rough driftwood.
  • Yellow greens with gray undertones
  • Bright and dark Blues
  • Pure bright whites.
  • Greige.

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