Want To Try A DIY Sheetrock Repair? Here’s What You Don’t Want To Miss

Did you know sheetrock is just a brand name for drywall? You’ve probably heard sheetrock and drywall used interchangeably, but sheetrock has been a registered trademark. Nowadays, sheetrock is used as a generic term to refer to any sheet-like drywall board.    

Whether it’s sheetrock or drywall, both can get holes from nails that stick out or edges that scrape the wall. If you find that your sheetrock has developed a hole from something sharp, here are some helpful steps to repair it yourself. 

First up, you’ll need the supplies below:

  • Hammer
  • A new sheetrock panel or sheetrock mud.
  • Joint tape
  • Taping knife
  • Wide blade putty knife
  • Sandpaper (220 or 240)
  • Bucket for mixing mud
  • Damp sponge or rag
  • Primer and paint

Ready To Get Started? Follow These Effective Sheetrock Repair Tips 

#1 First, smooth out a thin layer of sheetrock mud along the entire area to be patched. Be sure to dry-fit your sheetrock panel first to ensure it will fit properly! You’ll want to place it so that seams between sheetrock panels are no more than 1/8 inch apart.  

#2 Then, press the sheetrock mud firmly into place using either your fingers or a paint roller. Next, use a joint compound and taping knife (notched blade for joints), smearing on the joint compound until the surface is flat and even. 

#3 Next, make sure you cut back any excess compound with a wide blade putty knife held at a right angle to sheetrock. Repeat this process by applying another layer of mud, smoothing it out with a taping knife, and then covering it with a joint compound. 

#4 Continue this process until you have applied 3 coats of joint compound for sheetrock/drywall sheet panel size large enough to cover the hole completely. Next, you’ll want to sand the sheetrock patch smooth using fine-grit sandpaper (220 or 240).

#5 Once the sheetrock is prepared, prime the sheetrock patch before painting for best results.

Tip: Do not hang heavy items like shelves, filing cabinets, clocks, mirrors, etc., above sheetrock patches. This will ensure sheetrock is less likely to crack along patched areas.

Get Professional Drywall Maintenance From Vey’s Painting & Refinishing

The sheetrock repair services offered by Vey’s Painting and Refinishing are an investment in the future of your home or business. Repairs done incorrectly will leave you with a new sheetrock wall that doesn’t last for more than one or two coats of paint. 

Drywall maintenance done right means smooth, paintable surfaces that retain their natural beauty for years to come. Vey’s Painting & Refinishing  makes drywall repair look easy.


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